My Favorite Snacks on the Road

Here are some things that keep me going on the road. It’s great to have familiar treats when you’re away from home.


Jem Superberry Maqui Camo and Cinnamon Red Maca
Cinnamon Red Maca is a nice treat mixed in my favorite smoothie or with yogurt and fruit.


Blue Diamond Almonds
Almonds are great in the airpiort, in the hotel, in a taxi…anywhere you need a healthy snack.


USANA Nutrimeal
USANA Nutrimeal is a great supplement at any time of the day. You never know when you’ll need something to tide you over. Nutrimeal is gentle and filling.


Fresh Pineapple
For me, pineapple goes with everything. You can’t eat too much but it’s the perfect addition to a smoothie or as a quick fruity snack.


Greek Yogurt with Honey and Granola
One of my favorite go-to snacks all day long.

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